Product Testing Services

Quality assurance

We conduct testing for all types of electrical products regardless of energy source including lithium batteries and large 3 phase products. Example products includes e-scooter, hoverboards, laptops to HV power supplies.

Telecommunications equipment

Our number one requested service. Comtest is the only NATA-accredited telecoms laboratory that can test and have your products certified. Mobile phones, tablets, cellular and fixed line (including DSL& PTSN) devices receive comprehensive in-house testing to Australian standards. We determine which standards you need to comply with and arrange certification.

Electrical safety

All electrical devices are required to demonstrate electrical safety prior to sale in Australia. Certain equipment is required to be labelled with the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM). We determine whether your product needs a RCM then test for compliance with applicable standards. We have extensive on-site testing equipment and are accredited to test for a wide scope of products (including high risk products).

Energy efficiency

We are involved in the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS) program initiated by the Australian Government. From computers to televisions, our labs are able to provide testing for Energy Star ratings (E3) and Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS).

Electromagnetic compatibility
(EMC) and radiocommunications

Comtest can arrange partners to conduct EMC testing for you in Melbourne, Sydney, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Israel, USA and Europe. We choose the location that best suits your needs. EMC, radiocommunications and EMR testing are available.


We have a NATA accredited laboratory for calibrating indicating or recording instruments, including oscilloscopes and digital multimeters. We also have high precision and temperature control facilities for accurate testing.

What else can we help with?


Not sure what standards you need to comply with or what tests your electrical product will need? Ask our experts, who undergo regular training to stay up-to-date with Australian law. Big or small brands, we will guide you through the whole process. Meet in our South Melbourne office or arrange a phone call. First 30 minutes free, and our consultation fees may be waived if you purchase testing with us. We also offer on-site staff training.

Compliance folder management

You’re running a business. Leave the rest to us. We are fluent in Russian, Mandarin, English & Greek. Even if you don’t have an Australian distributor or are selling online, we can arrange testing and submit documents on your behalf. We will review, submit, and provide ongoing audits.

Our clients

We are the go-to test laboratory for a wide range of clients — from home appliances, consumer electronics, medical devices and AV/IT equipment. Our staff have worked with small businesses, government, online vendors using platforms such as eBay and Amazon as well as international corporations. As the cooperation partner of TÜV SÜD, the quality and speed of our testing is a priority.

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