Compliance Folder Management

Under Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA) requirements, compliance folders must be compiled, written in English and held in Australia by an Australian entity.  We have multilingual staff and can act as your authorised agents.  Our support to you is ongoing and we can compile a Declaration of Conformity, manage and submit your documentation, notify you when your certification is out of date.  This service is ideal for businesses with limited resources or no representatives in Australia.

We can act on your behalf even if you do not have an Australian distributor.

For international suppliers or companies without an Australian distributor, we can act as an agent to communicate with Australian importers or manage your documentation for you, allowing you to spend more time on other business activities.

Build a folder and have it audited.

Comtest can help you compile a compliance folder and provide regular audits to ensure your documentation is up to date. We also communicate with regulators and decision makers to eliminate the risk of non-compliance.