Our senior team. Future-forward.

Our staff are connected to regulators, government bodies and policymakers to ensure your products comply with the latest Australian standards. Staff are allocated projects based on individual skillsets, for maximum efficiency. Communication and high performance with a quality guarantee.

Peter Dwyer

Experienced in business management and operations, Peter has worked with AGL and Bosch. With over 35 years of experience working with energy and certification industries, he is now responsible for overseeing the entire operations of the Comtest Group.

Robert Norris
General Manager

Robert was an Australian navy technician during the 1980s, and has worked with Comtest for more than 20 years testing Customer ISDN equipment. He currently manages Comtest’s day-to-day operations and quality assurance.

Josephine Hunter

Josephine oversees the bookkeeping, administrative and taxation functions of the company. She has worked in real estate, finance and is MYOB-certified.

Hongmei Fan
Testing Engineer

Originally from Shanghai, Hongmei has worked with Philips Lighting and Cisco. She studied laboratory management and specialises in testing for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).  Hongmei has an extremely diverse background in electronics testing and speaks fluent Mandarin.

Tony Stefanovski
Technical Sales Manager

Tony with 30 years of experience in telecommunication and electrical testing and compliance, heads up the company’s customer focused technical sales section. Tony ensures that advice and estimates are in-line with company protocols and up to date with current standards and compliance requirements.

André Christodoulou
Testing Engineer

André tests telecommunications equipment, office and entertainment products for compliance to Australian standards. His specialty is energy efficiency testing for Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS), with a background in design engineering at Continental.

Azriel Leers
Technical Engineer

Azriel oversees the calibration and maintenance of testing equipment. He has worked on designing the NBN and was an engineer at Western Power for 7 years.

Angela Velasquez
Environmental Testing Engineer and Support Manager.

Angela provides technical and administrative support to the managers and wider team and generally ensures the office administration is taken care of.

Leigh Risbey
Strategic Consultant

Leigh is a Business Consultant with a wealth of experience in executive leadership roles.  Leigh provides advice, guidance and support in developing ‘vision to goal’ strategies.

Gemma Wilson
Electrical Compliance Testing Officer

Gemma is originally from New Zealand, where she studied electrical and electronic engineering, specialising in power systems and power electronics. Gemma performs electrical safety testing.